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Non-valved     9010     9105     8210     1860

Valved             8210V   8214V  


Non-valved     8246     8247

Valved             8577


Non-valved     9310

Valved             9312     9322

Protection against Dust/ Mist/ Metal Fume/ TB & SARS

Hot & Humid conditions, Non-oil enviroment


Protection against Organic Vapor/ Acid Gas/ Particulate

Hot & Humid conditions, Oil & Non-oil enviroment


P1/P2 Level Dust/ Mist Protection

Hot & Humid conditions, Oil & Non-oil enviroment

Disposable Respirators

N95 Standard Respirators (NIOSH N95 approved)

Suggested Applications:

Grinding, bagging, sanding and sweeping. Also suggested for extended wear time, hot/humid conditions, other dusty operations and pandemic stockpiling continuty planning.

N95 Welding and Metal Pouring Respirators

Suggested Applications: Welding, metal puring, torch cutting, brazing, soldering.

N95 Medical Respirators

For Hospital and Health Care Settings. CDC & WHO guideliness for exposure control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis(TB) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome(SARS).

3M™ N95 Series


3M™ R95/P95 Series

R95/P95 Speciality Respirators (for dusty conditions with nuisance odour)

Suggested Applications: Grinding, bagging, sanding and sweeping in oil and non-oil enviroments and other dusty operations.


3M™ 9300 Series

Foldable Particulate Respirators (New genaration respirator with 3-panel foldable design)

Suggested Applications:

Pharmacecaticals, construction, agricultute, iron and steel foundaries, powered chemicals.


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