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Blue Temples      Anti-Fog      Anti-Scratch     UV Protection

Blue Temples      Anti-Fog      Anti-Scratch     UV Protection

Clear Temples     Anti-Fog      UV Protection

Black Temples    Anti-Fog      UV Protection

Blue Temple        Anti-Fog      UV Protection     Asian Fit


Clear Frame        Anti-Fog      UV Protection


Anti-Fog     Protect Against Chemical Splash

Anti-Fog     UV Protection

Eyewear Protection

3M™ Eyewear

Cost-effective protection comfort, 3M Classic safety galsses are lightweight and offer the wearer high levels of comfort together with reliable protection. Both anti-fog & scratch-resistance.

Classic Series


Comfort Series

As well as their sporty design and high wearer comfort, 3M comfort series eyewear provides protection with various adjustment options for increased safety and comfort.

Virtua Series

Suggested Applications: Welding, metal puring, torch cutting, brazing, soldering.


Overspectacles & Visitor specs

Two basic, low cost overspectacles, designed to fit over most prescription glasses. Ideals for visitors. Uncoated polycarbonate lens provides impact protection.

3M™ Overspectacles


3M™ Safety Goggles

3M 1620 Series

Multi-purpose safety goggles with polycarbonate lens to help reduce exposure to eye impact hazards. Vinyl frames allow for excellent fit. Perforated for added ventilation and comfort.

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